Substance Abuse Programs for Alcoholics

Think of the Super Bowl, for example. On Super Bowl Sunday, there is nothing bought more than a 12-pack. There are more commercials promoting beer and alcohol on Super Bowl Sunday than any other. Bars, restaurants and sports pubs are packed to capacity on the day of the Super Bowl with patrons running up large tabs on alcohol. Not to say this is a problem for some people, but the prevalence of alcohol is our society most certainly leads some people to becoming alcoholics.

What is an Alcoholic?

There is a difference between someone who drinking casually and responsibly and an alcoholic. An alcoholic can be defined as a person who drinking heavily and regularly regardless of the negative effects that drinking has on their lives. Alcohol can affect every aspect of an alcoholic’s life including physical, mental, social and financial. Many alcoholics find themselves suffering from the negative health effects of prolonged heavy drinking that include:

Heart disease
High blood pressure
Liver failure

In addition, alcohol impacts many people who drink heavily socially, as they are very likely to destroy friendships and ruin relationships due to their drinking habit. Financially, alcohol proves to be a burden for those who drink heavily. It is expensive; especially when consumed regularly and in large amount. The hardest effect of alcohol consumption to fix is the mental aspect. Addiction is considered a mental health disease. When a person becomes addicted to consuming alcohol and feelings its’ effects, the process of quitting drinking can be nearly impossible.

How to Find Substance Abuse Programs for Alcohol

If you or a loved one is suffering from the many negative effects of heavy alcohol consumption, there is hope. Inpatient alcohol treatment centers offer alcoholics a place to go to address their addiction to alcohol. Additionally, detox centers offer alcoholics a place to safely and effectively get through the physical withdrawal symptoms of not drinking alcohol.

Finding the right place for you and your family to treat addiction to alcohol is all about doing research in your community to find the best treatment resources. Talk to close friends, doctors and others who have gone through treatment to stop drinking in order to get started.

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